Mãe Natureza


I’m Marta. I was born in Lisbon in 1980 and after 5 years I went to live in Porto.
At the age of 18 I went to study and live in Braga. After finishing the course I went to Barcelona, ​​where I lived for about 1 year. I returned to Braga where I live today.

I graduated in Biological Engineering – Pollution control branch and later I did a Master in Environmental Management. In the meantime I got married and had 3 children that fill my life. I have Manel, with 7 years, Mafalda, with 3 years and Gabriel with 6 months.

The contact and observation of the environment has always fascinated me and I try, whenever possible, to preserve it as much as I can. For that, I have some cares in my day-to-day, ranging from food, which I try to be as healthy as possible, to the care with the hygiene, cosmetic and cleaning products I use and small gestures I adopt and do matter of teaching my children. Always without fundamentalisms or prohibitions, because I think that happiness is, most of the time, in the capacity that we have to simplify and uncomplicate life!

This blog appeared in August 2017, during my daughter’s parental leave period, when I realized that after all I already practiced enough healthy actions, for our health and the environment, in my daily life and that these were of interest to my friends and acquaintances, who they asked me for tips, recipes and suggestions.

In May 2018, I created the online Ecoleja Mãe Natureza, where I gathered the articles I already used but so often had difficulty finding for sale. All of them are carefully evaluated and tested by my family, before being part of Ecoloja’s list of environmentally friendly and health products.

With an intense family life, 3 children, one of them a baby, time is scarce. So, I decided to share, with all interested parties, how I resolve a series of issues in my day, to make them simpler, healthier and more sustainable, also making quality products available, which respect our Planet so that you can also purchase them. This way I have more time for what I like the most … be happy.


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