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ALMA DE ALECRIM | Concept Store | Eco-frindly & Design Shop

ALMA DE ALECRIM was born out of a simple idea. Photographs and emotions. Of passions.
And our story!
Pedro is a photographer and designer, Filipa is a biochemist and a dreamer.
Together we love to travel, enjoy a good meal, discover new landscapes, and look at the starry sky of the Alentejo. And since 2016, we have been looking for the essence of life in the little things.
The Alma de Alecrim project emerged as a blog. A photo album, an unpretentious record of our travels (mostly in our country), recipes made for two, and the good times in life!

But sustainability and design were missing from this project. The blog quickly gave rise to an online store, and later to a CONCEPT STORE in the center of Aveiro, which opened in late 2017.
The store has original pieces, practical, with design, sustainable, and that promote a more ecological life, always consistent with the concept of the project. Products for everyday life, or for gifts with more soul!

The inspiration and discovery of the pieces comes from our travels, from those we go far, or from those we do in front of a computer. We are looking for products or brands that are not yet present in our city, and even some that do not yet exist in Portugal, to promote a greater choice for customers. In addition, it is essential that the products respond to a need, so that everyone buys only what they need, and that they are of the best possible quality, so that they last longer, with a view to creating less waste in the future.

At the store, from the beginning, we opted for greener initiatives. Since 2017, the ATM used does not issue paper, and receipts are sent by email. In the online store, the packaging material is mostly reused from the orders received.
In addition to products, our Aveiro space also has experiences, a way of living with less consumption. We promote creative Workshops, Bookcrossing (free book exchange) and a space for children to play. We also promote family photo sessions (outdoor), always relaxed and natural, a perfect way to immortalize the good times!

The Rosemary Soul is our essence. We are passionate about simplicity and beauty. We believe that what surrounds us has its own energy, be it an object or the environment, and that influences what we are and what we feel. We believe that if we live in a more beautiful, sustainable, and minimalist way, we will be much happier!

Filipa Gomes de Sousa and Pedro Cerqueira


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