Um Passo


Um Passo is a brand of ceramics & decorative items that, through its
pieces, seeks to generate experiences that are capable of transforming the relationship between
people and their private spaces, promoting meaningful lives and helping
people to have a more optimized and enjoyable day to day.

The objective of Um Passo is to amplify the well-being, stimulate the contact of the individual
with yourself and the environment where you live, promoting special moments and
taking the routine out of automatic mode. All this provided by decorative items
that are useful and that facilitate the day to day.


Mãe Natureza

I’m Marta. I was born in Lisbon in 1980 and after 5 years I went to live in Porto. At the age of 18 I

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The soap is produced in small batches according to the ancient art of handmade soap, using the cold saponification method, a natural product made by

Circular Economy

The circular economy is an economic concept that is part of sustainable development and economic concepts inspired in particular by notions of economic permaculture, green