Cosmetics and Hygiene

Mãe Natureza

I’m Marta. I was born in Lisbon in 1980 and after 5 years I went to live in Porto. At the age of 18 I went to study and live in Braga. After finishing the course I went to Barcelona,

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Solua Natura

Solua Natura was born out of a friendship between two friends with sales of different products. The limited supply of reusable menstrual pads made us dedicate ourselves to producing a model that would satisfy our requirements, and it was from

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Alquimia da Pele

The soap is produced in small batches according to the ancient art of handmade soap, using the cold saponification method, a natural product made by my own hands and the fruit of much love and dedication. The ingredients are carefully

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Alma de Alecrim

ALMA DE ALECRIM | Concept Store | Eco-frindly & Design Shop ALMA DE ALECRIM was born out of a simple idea. Photographs and emotions. Of passions. And our story! Pedro is a photographer and designer, Filipa is a biochemist and

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